This last week I have been investigating a way of working that has it’s roots in my 5 lines method. I choose 5 shapes: a 4 sided shape, a 3 sided shape, a long nose shape, a mouth shape (a rounded shape with a line through it), and a pair of circles that represent eyes. Then I arrange them in various combinations. When I have generated several, I use tracing paper to copy one, then over lay another. Once I have a drawing that is a combination of at least 2, I use carbon transfer paper to copy the image onto an A5 piece of 220gsm cartridge paper. I then paint onto this and rework the drawing in response to the coloured shapes. The materials I use are acrylic paint mixed with fine marble dust, carbon transfer, pencil, and conté pencil. These are the results so far.

‘30 Drawings, 30 days’, a short film

Remaining productive during this lockdown is proving curiously difficult. In normal circumstances, the opportunity to stay at home, without any interruptions, would be a fantastically rare, and welcome opportunity. I have no difficulty spending long periods of time alone, but this externally imposed isolation, has proved oddly inhibiting. I know I am not alone in having trouble focussing on my work. 

To counter this fog of dissipated energy, I set myself the task of making one pencil drawing a day, for 30 days. Some of them would take more than a day, some only a couple of hours. 

I have created a short film, where you see them in the order that they were made. 

I am usually quite dismissive of the idea that my state of mind shows in my work, but perhaps this film is quite revealing.

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