Inaugural Exhibition at Field System Gallery

I am honored to be chosen for Field System inaugural exhibition in Ashburton. This is an exciting new gallery in the South West, and I hope you will add yourself to their own mailing list so you can hear about all of their upcoming shows! The show will be running until Saturday the 20th April. Opening times are 11-5.30, Monday to Saturday.

More Details:

Please join us on Thursday 28th March from 6-8 pm for the private view of Sarah Hoskins’ new solo exhibition, 


13 West Street, Ashburton, Devon, TQ13 7DT

We are so proud to be hosting Sarah Hoskins for the inaugural show of our 2024 gallery programme.

Influenced by the sensibilities of mid-century modernism, particularly cubism and biomorphism, Sarah creates joyously coloured semi-abstracted paintings that draw on mask traditions, the decorative arts, textile design, and historical costume.
For her show at Field System Sarah is ‘working towards communicating as clearly and concisely as possible, something of the miraculous, the beautiful, the strange and the ridiculous, amongst other things.’

Hope you can join us, Mark & Milly

Field System

Fieldsystem ‘Brighten Ye Corners’ exhibition.

I am delighted to be included in a pop up exhibition with the exciting new Gallery opening in Ashburton: Fieldsystem. This exhibition also includes the amazing work of Will Cruickshank, Robert Manners, Jane Cabrera, Mark Jessett, Benjamin Risk, Dave Beech and Becky Dodman-Wainwright

The show runs from 7th-24th December at Fieldsystem, 13 West Street, Ashburton, TQ13 7DT. Open daily from 12-5pm, or by appointment. Call 07737523277.  


This last week I have been investigating a way of working that has it’s roots in my 5 lines method. I choose 5 shapes: a 4 sided shape, a 3 sided shape, a long nose shape, a mouth shape (a rounded shape with a line through it), and a pair of circles that represent eyes. Then I arrange them in various combinations. When I have generated several, I use tracing paper to copy one, then over lay another. Once I have a drawing that is a combination of at least 2, I use carbon transfer paper to copy the image onto an A5 piece of 220gsm cartridge paper. I then paint onto this and rework the drawing in response to the coloured shapes. The materials I use are acrylic paint mixed with fine marble dust, carbon transfer, pencil, and conté pencil. These are the results so far.

‘30 Drawings, 30 days’, a short film

Remaining productive during this lockdown is proving curiously difficult. In normal circumstances, the opportunity to stay at home, without any interruptions, would be a fantastically rare, and welcome opportunity. I have no difficulty spending long periods of time alone, but this externally imposed isolation, has proved oddly inhibiting. I know I am not alone in having trouble focussing on my work. 

To counter this fog of dissipated energy, I set myself the task of making one pencil drawing a day, for 30 days. Some of them would take more than a day, some only a couple of hours. 

I have created a short film, where you see them in the order that they were made. 

I am usually quite dismissive of the idea that my state of mind shows in my work, but perhaps this film is quite revealing.

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